Margaret West

Sophisticated, comfort and good quality; These are the main ingredients of this Rotterdam based brand (launched September 2014). The label distinguishes itself from other labels, through its high-end feeling and affordable prices. This way Margaret West is intended for a wide audience. The flow of the city is this labels big inspiration.

Margaret West is constantly reinventing and moving forward. The collection is always up-to-date with launching new products. The brand’s focus remains dedicated to offering beautiful products with a fair production-process.

Exploitation of workers and child labour is definitely out of the question. Nevertheless making a fair-trade collection doesn’t have to sacrifice in making a beautiful and affordable collection.

The founder of this brand, Margaret West, works with her team to create the kind of clothes that she likes to wear. Margaret herself: “I am a fashion stylist/shop owner. Because of my experience and sense of fashion trends, I know exactly how to translate a private label into the needs of the woman nowadays”. The brand aims to be globally, so fashionable women all over the world have access to buy her collection.